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Student Support and Care

If you have gone through What Makes Us Different, We have talked about Student First approach. Student support and care is the backbone of Student First approach.

The success of an education organization is not about earning millions out of it, but the value it provides to students.

Along with good quality online classes, we provide student support services through

  • Telephone, Whatsapp, Skype and Email
  • Online Chat and Query Forms
  • Social Media Accounts of Entrance Coaching Online
  • Free Webinars

Student Support Through Call & Messaging

We have provided our contact numbers (see the header), you can call us anytime between 9 a.m to 11 p.m (IST) for any queries. You can also give the miss call on numbers and our executive will call you asap. For messaging service like Whatsapp, you need to type your query and send it to the given number.

Online Support Through Chat, Query Forms and Emails

Many students prefer online support to ask their queries and doubts. For that we have online chat available from 9 a.m to 11 p.m (IST). You can also send your queries during offline hours. There are query forms on all the pages of the website where you can send your questions.

Parents generally use Email for communications. The Email Ids for general information, technical issues and admission details are available on contact us page.

Student Support Through Social Media

There is no doubt that majority of students use social media for connecting with their friends (Facebook) and people with similar interests (Google+). Also there is a wonderful site like Quora which is excellent for gaining information and knowledge from people all over the world.

In addition to providing valuable information and resources, Entrance Coaching Online social media accounts resolve students queries also.

Social media profiles of Entrance Coaching Online are learning platform for students.

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Free Webinars

From time to time, Entrance Coaching Online schedule events and webinars for students. These events are hugely beneficial to students. It gives the student a chance to interact with teachers, online experts and fellow students at the same time. The events are live and free of cost.